Wednesday, November 28

Tree Shaped Christmas Ornament Display

I am putting together one of my Christmas mantles and I was looking for a centerpiece for the mantle that would also showcase some of my favorite ornaments.  I was inspired by this one from BHG and so I decided to make my own version. I wanted to make mine a little more modern to go with the theme for my mantle.

I purchased some 12 gauge wire and cut long pieces into two and twisted them.  Then I made them into a shape of a tree.  I based my size of the tree on the frame from Hobby Lobby that I used. The frame is 28" by 32" and my tree is 24" tall and 21" wide. 

Once I made the tree frame I cut wire for the tree limbs. They are about 4" apart.  I curled one end and then secured it to one side of the tree frame and then to the other.  I then made ornament hooks out of leftover wire.  The wire was a shiny black color so I decided to spray paint it brown to tie in better with the theme of my mantle and the frame.  The frame is an espresso color with gold rubbed edges.

My husband hung the tree and frame on my mantle and then I decorated my 'tree'. I used favorite white ornaments I already had from over the years. They are from Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Joann's, and Target. 

What do you think?  It looks so great on my mantle and I can't wait to share the rest of the mantle with you all!  Do you have a fun or special way to showcase your favorite ornaments?

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  1. Ooooo I love this! I don't have room for a tree in my apartment but this might be a great solution! xo

  2. It turned out so great! The different ornaments are very pretty!

  3. Wow this is gorgeous! You have some excellent wire working skills. It's darling :)

  4. So fun and pretty, can't wait to see the rest!

  5. I love this idea and might just copy
    it somehow.. lovely!

  6. This looks so beautiful! I love the mix of the wood tones, white, and green. I like yours even better than the one from BHG! Happy to have found your blog -- looking forward to seeing your Christmas mantel!

  7. This is a great idea. I think I would display some of my favorite ornaments in it. I have to toddlers and am limited to what I can put on my tree for now. This is awesome.

  8. Very impressive--Fantastic job! WOW! I saw this on Transformation Thursday--

  9. Oh, this is so cute! And I love it in white! What did you use to hang them? Small S hooks?

  10. This tree looks amazing! I have been looking for a way to showcase some favorite ornaments and this is such an affordable and easy way to do it. It's really beautiful!

  11. This is super cute!!! We're not able to get a tree this year because we are moving in a few weeks and this would make a great substitute! Thanks for the great idea!

  12. Your tree is gorgeous!! If you get a chance, I'd love for you to stop by The Tuesday To Do Party and link up!

    If you leave a comment, you'll be entered for the Christmas T-shirt Giveaway! Good luck!


  13. I love this idea. Those picture frames are so versatile. Nice job.
    I turned a picture frame into a wreath.

  14. You did a great job! I like the mix of white ornaments with the rustic wire. Absolutely fabulous!If you have a sec this weekend, I would love for you to share at Get Schooled Saturday!
    Kim @ Too Much Time On My Hands

  15. Love this! May I pin it?

  16. Luci- I made small S shaped hooks out of leftover wire using needle nose pliers.
    Nan - Of course!

  17. What a creative and adorable tree!! I would love for you to come link up to my Get Social Sunday link party and show off your awesome ideas and blog!

  18. This is such a great idea. I love it! I am featuring this at

  19. Such a cute idea! I have some leftover Christmas bulbs... I think I may have to try this!


  20. So cute! I'd love for you to share this or any of your great ideas at the link party going on now (and every Saturday - Tuesday) at 'Or so she says ...' Hope to see you there!

  21. Its fabulous. I will definitely try to make this ornaments on Christmas.

  22. Your mantle is stunning! I love the color combo and your tree is beautiful. Megan

  23. Adorable! So creative and darling! Love it with the white ornaments :)

  24. love it. following and hope you'll follow back, creative blogger.


  25. Hi Trisha! FYI - this was featured on my "Best Of The Weekend" post! Thanks for the great inspiration!! Hope you can pop over to my page if you get a sec and say hi! :) Have a wonderful week!! - xo, Claire

  26. I just wanted to let you know that I loved this post so much that I decided to feature it on my blog! I’m typing up the post right now! Thanks for such great inspirations!!!

    Anestazia @ Eccentric Delirium

  27. How cute is this~ You're so creative!!! Thanks for sharing on your blog, I can't imagine how you find the time during this season. I have two little ones and a job outside the home also and I am just happy to have my home decorated! It must take so much time to photograph and publish it all as well. Thanks for the continued inspiration Trisha!

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