Thursday, October 18

Fall Porch 2012

Once we got our pumpkins from the pumpkin festival this weekend I was able to finish decorating our front porch.  Every year I buy a huge mum from a local nursery for my big brown ceramic planter.  Then I added some other smaller mums from the local grocery store.  I love all the different colors of the mums.

I added the four pumpkins we got at the patch (one for each of us) and some white pumpkins from Target.  The wreath on the front door is from Hobby Lobby and picks up all of the different hues of the mums. 

The rug is new this year and is the Falling Leaves mat from the Company Store.  It is super thick and durable.

My porch is an open square and the mums and pumpkins form a little pathway from the steps to the front door.  I just love it! It is my favorite version yet.  I smile every time I walk to my front door.

How about you all is it cooling down in your area yet?  We have had some great cooler days here.

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  1. Oh WOW what a beautiful front porch!!! The variety of mums are so neat. It is so festive.

  2. I love all of the beautiful mums! great job! Thanks for stopping by our place it was a joy to read your comment.


  3. Wow- look at that huge mum! I have'nt seen any that big around here yet. Will you plant them after they bloom?

  4. Beautiful display! those mums are stunning!

  5. Gorgeous entryway! I just love it - so welcoming. I featured this in my features post this week - come by to see!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  6. Found your blog through a link on Pinterest. Love all your projects. Looking forward to more. Your new follower,


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